Saturday, October 12, 2013

Late With the Breaking News

Thanks, technology! Going into today's 10:30 am GABF Awards Ceremonies I thought that my biggest problem would be getting enough coffee in me to stay awake for the entire thing after another full day of drinking- but no. It turns out that just after Il Vicino won the Gold in the Coffee beer category, I was no longer allowed to upload anything to any sort of social media...a blessing in most cases, but I wanted to bring you all the awards news. And now that I am finally back in the hotel room, I can do that, and thanks to the Crowne Plaza for still providing free internet. I guess that's the trade-off for the sheets that crinkle like paper every time I move.
Marble took a Silver in the German-Style Pilsner category and a Bronze in the Dortmunder category. Their crew, pictured, is not looking at me because I refused to wave my hand at them like a paparazzi photographer at a red carpet event. Also, I was holding a complimentary donut so it was hard to wave and eat at the same time.
La Cumbre won a Bronze in the highly competitive IPA category (252 entries, the most ever in any category) with their Project Dank IPA.
How about Santa Fe's Second Street Brewery getting a Gold for Rod's Steam Bitter in the Amber-Style Lager category? Great for the underdog brewery!
I would call Sierra Blanca an underdog as well but they won a medal last year. Ditto for this year, where their Nut Brown took Silver in the English-Style Brown category.
Blue Corn took two medals: Silver in the American-Style Brown Ale category and coming up just short of their named Gold Medal Stout with a Silver in the Oatmeal Stout category.
I'm sorry that I am apparently still on dial-up in a fiber optics world, but let's hear it for eight New Mexico medals at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival!

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Unknown said...

You know what they say about New Mexico Beer - "Our Cervezas will blow your Cabezas!"

Thanks ABQ Beer Geek for showcasing all the great work our New Mexico Brewers submitted to the mother of all award shows, the Great American Beer Festival. Big congratulations to all our medal winners and excellent brewers... proof positive that New Mexico is blessed with talent and gaining the attention of craft beer lovers around the world.