Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cost Plus- Westside Review Part 2

Having left Sunflower, I continued west on Alameda to the next destination: Cost Plus World Market. Cost Plus is located in one of those mega-store strip malls that have blown up around the country. It is not, of course, strictly a liquor store; in fact, they only sell beer and wine. They specialize more in food from different parts of the country, which is cool, and overpriced furniture and decorations, which doesn't interest me. This isn't a beer destination, for sure, but I am including it because they do sell some better beers, and people shopping there might try something different because it is the kind of place where people are willing to experiment.

Price: The prices, for beer at least, are very reasonable. All New Belgium styles sell for $6.99. Sierra Nevada is the same price. Stone Arrogant Bastard and Smoked Porter are $3.49, $.50 cheaper than Abq. average. Anchor beers are a "bargain" at $8.49 because $9.49-$9.99 is typical.


Service: There was a woman dusting the wine section, which was right next to the beer section, and she asked if I needed any help. I should have asked her about a beer or two to see if she actually knew any of the beers. The guy at the register gave me a "Welcome to Cost Plus" when I walked in.


Selection: The selection here is very small. I already mention most of the beers in the price section. Of course there are the big imports, including the Chimay line. Sierra Blanca was the only local beer represented. The "world" of beers in Cost Plus' mind is akin to giving a tour of American cuisine and just going to McDonald's and Burger King. The Stone beers are the most "exotic" and of course Arrogant Bastard sells just for the name alone. You have probably seen it happen; a couple of women come across it and one says, "Oh, this would be PERFECT for Bill!".
They sell safe beers here, like Planet Porter and Boston Lager. There are no double IPAs, no imperial stouts. And what I have always disliked about Cost Plus is that they have those "Beers of the World" boxes that they just fill with random single bottles and sell them as if the beers have been selected by some beer experts, and you are lucky to have the opportunity to buy them.


Cost Plus is the kind of place your aunt visits to buy you beer because she knows you like "fancy beers", but Guinness is not fancy.
This is a great store for logo beer glasses, and I have picked up Rogue, Lagunitas, Lost Coast and others for $2.99.


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Unknown said...

amazing blog! this would be the best place to ask, Red Horse beer, do you know of ANY place in albq who sells it???? let me know if you have time!