Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Anniversary Present From Santa Fe

Santa Fe Brewing has released the third in a series of beers celebrating 20 years of business: Yippee Imperial IPA. I was a bit wary about purchasing this beer because I have had the regular IPA from Santa Fe and did not care for it much. Thankfully, they have come through with this beer! There is an initial sweetness and hint of the 9.5% abv, then the hop bitterness reveals itself in the finish. More aromatic hops in the beer may have made this world class, but it is a fine beer as is.

The label states that this beer will age well, though if you are a hophead you may not want to lose the bitter finish. Otherwise, I think aging Yippee would be interesting; it may even bring barleywine-like flavors into the equation.

Pick up this limited (only 3317 bottles) 750 ml offering at Kelly Liquors for $11.49 or Jubilation for $9.99.

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