Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cask Wednesdays at Il Vicino Continue

A reminder that Il Vicino Taproom, located on Vassar just north of Comanche, continues to do a cask beer every Wednesday. The beer pours around 3 pm and goes until the cask is emptied. Head brewer Brady McKeown says he usually does the Wet Mountain IPA with different hop varities, as the IPA is the most popular, but he will throw a different beer in now and then. Last week he had a cask of porter. This week will be the IPA with Simcoe hops. Get there before I drink it all!

Brady also says they are winterizing the outdoor patio, which is a good thing since the interior has room for only a few beer bellies. They have installed a tent over the patio that will have sides, that is as soon as the company shows up with them. Heat lamps will also be a fixture as the winter arrives, so don't let the cold keep you from visiting the tap room. I would sit naked in a blizzard as long as I had a pint of that Wet Mountain with Simcoe!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

You would sit there how? That visual should get them to hurry up with the heat... ;-)

Let's hope they get the heat going soon.

Thanks for the update... I'll have to check it out!