Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Kind of Party

Friday, November 28 marks the date of the Stone Double Bastard Release Party at O'Niell's Pub (4310 Central Ave SE).

The "party" consists of the keg being tapped at 4 pm according to their website, though the guy who I talked to said it would start at 7. After that, you are welcome to "celebrate" by buying a pint and drinking it. Price was unknown (also according to the guy on the phone) but I remember last year's going for 6 bucks a pint so it will probably be about the same. It's cool that O'Niell's is pushing this as a release party, but throwing in some Stone giveaways or some other gimmicks(besides just pouring the beer and calling it a party) would make it better. However, nobody else is pushing craft beer releases like O'Niell's, plus they bought the only four kegs in New Mexico so I'll take it.

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