Monday, November 24, 2008

New Beer and New Old Beer

So, months after Odell IPA won our 4th of JulIPA Challenge, and years after its release, the beer has finally mode it on draft to area bars! Apparently the delay was a distributor decision, as the Odell rep explained to me at the Great American Beer Fest. Cutthroat Porter, 5 Barrel Pale Ale and 90 Shilling were all regulars at many local bars, but until now the IPA, which is their best beer, has been conspicuously absent from draft lists.
Billy's Long Bar is the first I know to carry it, but others can't be far behind.

Reappearing in Albuquerque is Stone's 11th Anniversary IPA. I don't know the reason behind it, but suddenly every beer outlet in town, from Quarters to Kelly's to Whole Foods has plenty of this beer. It is nice from a collection standpoint, but there are two things that no retailer is doing that should get done in the public interest:

1. Clearly labeling that this beer is over a year old.
2. Lowering the damned price!

An IPA that is a year and two months old will have a drastically different flavor profile than a fresh one. Not to mention the fact that God only knows where these beers have been sitting for months and months. Because of this, the price should not be the same as the Stone seasonal release that JUST came out (at this time, Double Bastard). I'm not saying that the beer can't taste good; just that if someone thinks they are getting an IPA they should be made aware of the circumstances regarding this beer, as the "IPA" factor is taken out.

Let's show a little responsibility to the people who are supporting craft beer sales and educate them as well as sell to them.

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