Monday, November 17, 2008

This is Why I Don't Go to Clubs

I even try to avoid the Rancher's Club of New Mexico, which isn't hard considering their prices. Let's face it, the revenue from Google Ads hasn't put me in a higher tax bracket.

But somehow I found myself at The Rancher's Club last week, resplendent in my collared shirt- required at this stuffy restaurant. This is the kind of place where your server is referred to as your "captain", where entrees are delivered under a silver cover and unveiled with a flourish. Eighty dollar steaks are featured.

But what does this have to do with beer? Well, our dining companion Andreas wanted to have a beer with his meal. I wouldn't have been surprised if our captain had turned his nose up and said, "We only serve WINE!", but to their credit, the Rancher's Club has a few beers on tap. Andreas chose the Sierra Nevada Seasonal, which I would have guessed to mean Wet Hop Harvest, though our "captain" had no clue. Strike one. When the beer came, Andreas took a sip and said, "Hmmm, kind of malty!" We both knew this should not be the case with any Sierra seasonal (unless it is the Pale Bock, which we don't get in NM), so he had the captain check into it.

It turns out that the keg of Sierra (whose "seasonal" was the Anniversary- Why is that beer STILL AROUND? Strike Two!) had just kicked so the bartender poured a NEW BELGIUM SKINNY DIP instead and tried to sneak it past us.

Strike Three!

Do you think that if a Cabernet was out of stock, the bartender would just pour a glass of pinot noir? Never! These so-called upscale establishments need to learn that beer awareness is growing here and around the country. Let's keep these people on their toes!

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Unknown said...

Right on Patrick! Those bastards, I won't be going there anytime soon, that's for sure --unless of course I'm invited again at someone elses expense...
But seriously, is Marcus implying that I'm too cheap of a gentleman to join you and Jenn at this overrated joint?!