Sunday, August 23, 2009

Uinta Beers From Utah?

2009 has been a good year, as far as getting new beers into our fair city. Some breweries are more desirable and anticipated than others. The latest to hit town, Uinta Brewing of Utah, may initially seem like one of the "others". After all, it is beer from Utah. Isn't that the home of oppressive alcohol laws that force breweries to make beers that taste like watered down Coors Light? Well, yes and no. In Utah, convenience and grocery stores cannot sell beer that is higher than 4% abv, so breweries must make beers to fit that market. But liquor stores can sell the good old fashioned, higher alcohol versions that nature intended. And anything sent out of state is not subject to the 4% law. One of the included beers, the Anglers Pale Ale, is 5.8%. The other two, Blue Sky Pilsner and Solstice Kolsch, are both at 4% but I would expect something along those lines for the Kolsch at least, though a Pils usually goes a little higher. So don't let the alcohol be the main factor when deciding whether or not to pick up the mixed 12-pack of Uinta beer, available at Albertsons (after all, none of us are drinking for the effects of the alcohol anyway...). Let the $16.99 price tag influence your decision, for sure. I don't know if that price will carry over to other local stores once they start carrying Uinta, but if it does, those 12-packs are going to be collecting dust on the shelves.

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