Monday, August 31, 2009

Trader Joe's Sinks to a New Low!

Trader Joe's, the home of Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw) wine, horrible parking, and fawning customers who can't wait to hop in their Subarus for a jaunt over to their favorite grocery store, introduces a new private-label beer: Red Oval.

What makes this American macro lager worth writing about is the low, low price of $2.99 a six-pack. That's 49 cents a can. Or if you really want to get all mathy, $11.96 for an entire case!!! But is the taste reflective of the price? Red Oval is brewed by Minhas, Wisconsin's oldest brewery, which also makes the popular Simpler Times line of beers for Trader Joe's. Simpler Times sixers were bought by the cart-full because they are $3.99 per six-pack, which, with Red Oval setting a new sub-standard, seems like a beer that only the country club limo set will be buying. Red Oval has a good amount of sweetness from the amount of corn used in place of barley in the brewing process. Corn is often substituted as a method for lowering the cost of the beer, a method looked down upon by brewing cognoscenti. I have confessed before how I enjoy a malt liquor now and then, which relies heavily on corn, so I have no problem with it. Red Oval is drinkable at about 5% ABV, and is sure to gain a following quickly. Get your Subaru gassed up and head to Trader Joe's to see what you think.


whochacha said...

yeah i like it. beats the shit out of pabst any day.

Unknown said...

I tried it once.. not my tastes

Unknown said...

I am retired.
I am on fixed income.
It has come to this.

Unknown said...

Halfway through my first sixer. Meh. It tastes "cheap". Reminds me of the cheap beer my folks used to drink in the mid 1970s. Burgie, Schlitz, Falstaff, etc.