Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The News of Tractor's Demise...

is completely untrue! What, you hadn't heard the rumors of Tractor closing their doors recently? Good, and I'm glad I didn't report on this before doing my research, because I would have looked like more of an ass than usual. Luckily, Angelo Orona, Director of Sales and Marketing for Tractor set me straight on what is happening at the Los Lunas brewery. The brewery is not closed or closing, but is going through a transition period right now. It seems that the brewer one day decided Colorado was where he'd rather be, and left the business with very little notice. The kind of notice where a guy says, "Hey, it's 5:00, see you later", then hops in the car and hightails it to Colorado to live and drink wine. So that leaves a big problem- with no brewer, and Tractor being such a small operation (Angelo tells me there are only a few employees dedicated full-time to the business), that the brewery could possibly be in jeopardy, right?

Well, Angelo says they have enough beer stock to distribute about two more months, and he is confident they will find a new brewer well ahead of that time. It's a good thing too, as he has been busy cultivating 12,000 Cascade plants and 1,200 Willamette plants on Tractor's five acre hop farm. Now you know that's a small operation when the Sales and Marketing guy is working in the hop fields! And its unique enough that a company uses home grown hops in its beers, but a brewery in the desert??? Let's hope Tractor gets back on its wheels soon. I'll keep you posted.

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