Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Beer Store Blooms on San Mateo

Sunflower Market recently opened the doors to their third Albuquerque location, in the former Wild Oats at San Mateo and Academy. The beer and wine license was not long to follow, and as I visited Thursday, the workers were busy getting the shelves stocked and priced. When the Lomas location opened, it was probably two months before any alcohol was allowed to be sold. I imagine that since the previous tenant at the San Mateo location had a license to sell beer and wine, there was less investigation needed as to whether the store was too close to a school, or a church, or whatever else might be corrupted if a bottle of alcohol comes within 500 yards of it.

The selection of beer lines 30 or so feet in a cooler along the Northwest wall of the store. Except for the displays on the floor, all beers are kept refrigerated, which is a plus. Of course, I don't know if that is the case in their backstock of beer, but we can only hope. They have a nice selection of 22 oz. beers, including the freshest Hercules DIPA in town(bottled July 22, and priced well at $5.99), Avery Hog Heaven Barleywine (which I like to mention just because it is cool to see barleywine sold in a grocery store, and Stone's seasonal releases priced at $5.99, .50 cheaper than many other stores are selling them for. Some six-packs are priced a little higher than normal; Sierra varities are $7.99, while most stores have Sierra at $7.49. Full Sail beers are $7.99, a full dollar more than the competition. Santa Fe beers were even higher- $8.99 for a local, privately distributed beer, a beer that Trader Joe's sells for $6.99. T be fair, they do have Anchor Steam for $7.99, $1.50-2.00 cheaper than other stores. They also have weekly specials that offer deep discounts, so don't throw away that bundle of flyers that arrives in your mailbox on every Tuesday. Check the Sunflower flyer's back page for the goodies of the week. The San Mateo location ONLY has a great deal on Marble beer through Wednesday, August 19- $5.99 a six pack!! Bring a pickup truck and load those cases on, along with some fresh roasted green chile (which I stood in line for two hours waiting for when they were selling 30 roasted lbs. for 10 bucks, all the while vocalizing loudly how I and anybody else must be a total dumbass for spending their day waiting for peppers- I think I was pissing people off, which made the wait easier).

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Jason said...

Good deal on the Marble - went and picked up one of each yesterday.

They had some interesting sample packs, including the Flying Dog Sampler, which is a favorite brewery of mine.

Will definitely be using this as a beer source - thanks for finding it!