Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Don't Remember This Saint in Sunday School

But then again, I don't remember much from those days because I was too busy being embarrassed by the Don Johnson Miami Vice outfit my mom made me wear to my first confirmation. And maybe St. Lupulin, the new pale ale from Odell, is just a catchy name and not an actual someone I should remember from the bible. After all, Lupulin is the bitter powder extracted from the flowers of the Humulus lupulus, or as commonly known, hop plant. So while Lupulin may seem heavenly to hop heads like us, it may not qualify for sainthood in some circles. And if you need any more confirmation, it says on the side of the bottle "A mystical legend". So now that I've beaten that to death, on to the actual beer. It is the Summer Seasonal release from Odell Brewing, and it makes sense that we are getting it two-thirds of the way through the season. That's the way it goes here in Albuquerque sometimes. The beer is in the pale ale style, though it borders on the IPA style, dry-hopped and highly floral. It is also 6.5%, pretty high for the pale ale style. It is also $9.99, also high for the style. I think I would get the 7%, $8.99 Odell IPA and get a hoppier, even more floral beer, but St. Lupulin is a solid offering from Odell, as usual. And my mom's dog seems to approve. I got this beer at Kelly's on Wyoming.

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