Friday, October 1, 2010

That's Low, IQ

"This is not drinking beer in a tented parking lot. This is hanging out with family and friends in a picnic setting amidst a bounty of quality brew, food, and music."
That is an excerpt from Mike English's writeup on the upcoming NM Brew Fest in this week's IQ. Since IQ is the main sponsor of the event, I would expect there to be plenty of hype for it in the issue. But the part that I put in bold and italics struck me as a bit of a cheap shot to another upcoming event, Albuquerque Hopfest. You know, the Oct. 16 event that will be held in a tented parking lot. Or maybe it was a shot at Marble's Septemberfest, another parking lot affair that lacked a picnic setting. Nah, I'm pretty sure that jab was meant for Hopfest. Now, we all know that shots at the competition are a part of business, but this is not the case when it comes to the craft beer business. In no other industry is there a camaraderie like you will find among brewers and breweries, and that has always been part of its appeal to me. So while taking a shot at another beer fest is not a total surprise, it is out of place in this instance, especially for a city like ours with a slowly growing appreciation for craft beer. There is room for both of these fests (and many more), whether they be held in idyllic settings or parking lots. I've written that I would be happy to drink beer in a closet as long as the beer was good, and I meant it. I have, in fact, twice in my life sleepwalked and woke up in closets after drinking too many good beers. I asked my doctor if she thought I had a problem and she replied, "Not as long as you were able to find your way out of the closets." I love that doctor. And I love my local fests- I will be happily drinking at both the NM Brew Fest and also Albuquerque Hopfest, as long as the beer is flowing.


HopHed said...

The drinkers know what's up. Hopfest is tops on my list.

michael jamison said...

The beer should be better and more varied at Hopfest but the food, setting, and arguably music will be better at NM Brewfest.

My bigger question is how will the tasting at these events be conducted? Unlimited? Time consuming punch cards then you have to buy more? Small samples? Long lines?

Irregardless, true drinkers, hmmm hmmm, will go to both:)

Great article, Mr. Geek, emphasing the spirit of the craft-- positive. Local IQ could have emphasized its attractions w/o explicitly dissing the other fest.

Mike English said...

I can see your point, but definitely didn't mean it as a shot, and rather meant to highlight a unique/positive aspect of brewfest. I like the comraderie of our beer scene and didn't mean to mess with that at all. Sorry. And by the way, I'll be drinking beer in the parking lot at Hopfest! Enjoy your blog. Mike

ABQbeergeek said...

Ah shit. See Mike, now I feel bad.
This is why I can't be a real journalist- too sensitive.
Thanks for reading. And I'm mad that you had the idea to tour the state's brewpubs and write about it before I did.

HopHed said...

I love how quickly beer drinkers can come to resolution. Cheers!