Friday, April 29, 2011

An Early Morning Start to a Dark Lord Day

Mornings aren't really "mornings" if you never actually slept, I've decided.

In preparation for this year's Dark Lord Day, the one day release of the infamous Imperial Stout produced by Munster, Indiana's Three Floyds Brewery, we decided to book the 6:10 am Southwest nonstop flight from Albuquerque to Chicago. In years past, we had always arrived at Midway Airport around 3:50 pm, meaning we got to sit through miles of red lights and third-biggest-city-in-the-country-rush-hour traffic before hitting the short interstate drive to our destination in Munster. This year, we bit the bullet and did the early, early flight. I couldn't sleep because I was more excited than when I took my first group shower in gym class.

The trade-off for my sleep deprivation was the chance to hit up five Chicago area beer stores and get to Three Floyds for some pre-Dark Lord Day beers. We got to drink Dreadnaught DIPA, Arctic Panzer Wolf DIPA, Zombie Dust Citra hop Pale Ale (more like an IPA), Founders Double Trouble DIPA, and to get a little variety in our drinking, Dogfish Head Red and White, a Belgian Wit with orange peel and pinot noir concentrate. By the time we left, there was a line outside Three Floyds waiting for seating, as eager as prom couples waiting outside Olive Garden. So at least the early morning rise allowed us to beat the crowds at the brewery.

Now, back at the hotel, my plan is twofold: staying up to drink more beer and finding the room party where I will get to try some hard to find beers that Dark Lord Day attendees will be sharing tonight. I'm on the edge of being delirious but at least I'll have a good excuse for being boring. I'll try to keep the updates going as we continue into Dark Lord Day and a Chicago visit.


bill said...

Killer Road Trip... if you are not too hazed and confused.. please share your critiques on the DIPAs.. What an hop onslaught you list... any chance the Phils will be playing WRigley while you are in town?

Unknown said...

Did you get one of the Golden tickets? If son which limited edition did you pick up?

ABQbeergeek said...

Bill- I will soon. Sitting in the airport waiting to fly home.
No Cubs games in town, none last year either. I will get to Wrigley someday!

NO, I didn't win the chance to get one of those special bottles ($50 each!), I just got my allotment of regular old Dark Lord. Our friend won and picked the one with chiles.

Unknown said...

Interested in selling a bottle? I'd offer a trade but you can get what I can get here in town. Unless you would be interested in 2 fresh bottles of Pliny the Elder.

Unknown said...

Forgot I also have a Double Wide IPA, Seeyoulater Dopplebock aged in cedar and Long Strange Trppel from Boulevard.

ABQbeergeek said...

Miskee- I'm sorry, all the bottles we got are spoken for already. I have to keep a couple bottles for myself to try. I appreciate the offer of the Pliny and Boulevard beers though!