Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ohhh No. You're Not Done Drinking Yet!

People like us, we aren't just ordinary social drinkers who order a Michelob Ultra just so we have something in our hand while we socialize at the bar. We are "In it to win it", which in our case means getting a good craft beer and being perfectly happy enjoying its company without having to hear about so and so's baby throwing up for the first time. In other words, we go out for the beer! I found myself winning again tonight while enjoying a Left Hand Fade to Black Smoked Baltic Porter at Two Fools during Left Hand Brewery's event on this 5th day of ABQ Beer Week. Thursday evening promises to be a marathon of beer with events at four Nob Hill area establishments. O'Niell's will have another Left Hand event in case you couldn't make it out tonight. Monte Vista Fire Station will host the Deschutes Dissident tasting, and they may possibly pour another Reserve Series beer...The Abyss, please? Two Fools isn't done pouring, as New Belgium will be there with a special brew that isn't available here yet. Finally, Imbibe will host a free co-tasting between Colorado breweries Breckenridge and Ska. If a taste isn't enough (and with us, is it ever???)buy a pint of one of the brewery's beers and you get to take the glass home. I doubt that the "glass" you get is one of those generic bar pints so you should be able to take home a logo glass to put alongside all those Marble glasses you have stolen over the years. See you everywhere on Thursday!

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