Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This One Time...At Beer Camp...

I don't have the fondest memories of summer camp days. I didn't get to go to a specialty music camp or anything fancy. I got stuck going to one where we basically just sat around and sweated all day. The only memory that sticks out is the time I cried because the camp counselor wouldn't let little fat boy me get a second slice of pizza at lunch. But kids have it much better these days- they can go to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp and learn to make all kinds of beers. Sierra has released a 12-pack comprising four favorites from different camps. Juniper Black Ale is an 8% ABV, 61 IBU beer made with Magnum hops. California Common (think Anchor Steam, but with a higher ABV) is 6.5% ABV. Weizenbock is 6.8% ABV and uses Sierra's Kellerweis yeast. Finally, a Double IPA based on the Beer Camp Ghidorah DIPA recipe rounds out the mixed pack and is 8.2%. I haven't had a chance to try any of these yet, but I will tonight. Hopefully I won't feel like I wasted the $19.99 I spent on this pricy 12-pack.

Samuel Adams has a new 12-pack as well, one that features some tweaking of its Latitude 48 IPA. The mixed bag of IPA, which is officially named Latitude 48 Deconstructed, contains two of the original version, along with two each of these single hop varieties: Ahtanum (fairly mild hop), Zeus (almost interchangeable with Columbus hops) , Hattertau Mittlefrueh (they used to make a great Imperial Pilsner with this noble hop), East Kent Goldings (not my favorite hop by far), and Simcoe (one of my favorites). This 12-pack goes for $16.99. Both are available right now at Jubilation.

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