Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marble Gets Swanky for Beer Week

Notwithstanding the motley crew pictured here, Marble's Beer and Cheese pairing event attracted over 100 of Albuquerque's high-fallutin' hob-nobbers, the kind of people you usually see pictured in the Albuquerque Magazine socialite section. There was even jazz music playing softly in the background as participants "noshed" (that's the word really annoying people use instead of "ate food"). Marble's contribution to the first ever ABQ Beer Week included five beers paired with five cheeses, none of which came from a package of 24 individually wrapped slices. I'm talking Goronzola Dolci and aged raw milk gouda types of cheese. More importantly, I'm talking five beers, four of which aren't available on Marble's everyday tap list. Tripel, Abbey Strong, Double IPA, Barleywine, and Imperial Stout all paired with a cheese that best complemented the beer. My favorite beer was the 11.6% Barleywine, though someone stole my Stilton so I can't say how that pairing was. I can say that I shouted questions from my side of the velvet rope to the cheese nibblers and beer sippers and all responses were amazingly positive. It was an expertly run event by Ted and the whole Marble crew; many thanks to them for hosting. The third day of ABQ Beer Week is now in the books- have you come out to support our local beer scene yet? Go to www.abqbeerweek.com and see what's on tap for the rest of the week!

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