Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Deschutes' The Stoic on Shelves

Deschutes' latest release in their Reserve Series, The Stoic, is now available here in Albuquerque. I was kind of surprised we were getting this one due to the hype surrounding it; thought it might just pass us by, like The Dissident. The beer is described by Deschutes as being of "stirring depth and complexity". Oh, like Ice Age 2. And 3. And 4. And the first one, and any animated/CGI movie that has the animals singing pop and rap hits.
The Stoic certainly sounds interesting: A Belgian Quad style, brewed with pomegranates and aged in both rye whiskey and wine barrels before being wax-sealed and shipped out to us. It ends up at 11% ABV, though from what I heard you shouldn't think of it being a true Quad-style beer when you drink this one. However, you should think of it kindly, as it is sensitive to criticism. Jubilation has this one now for $13.99.

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