Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get Your Kick on Route 66

...or at least closeto Route 66. I don't think any of the Circle Ks or 7-11s along Central Ave. are stocking Kick, the collaboration between New Belgium and Elysian Brewery's pumpkin beer master, Dick Cantwell. Don't think of Kick as your everyday Pumpkin beer that tastes like the pie- well, if you do, think of it as the pie my mom made one Thanksgiving where she forgot one key ingredient- SUGAR. Really. Kick has the New Belgium twist of being a sour-style pumpkin beer made with cranberries and blended with barrel-aged ale. The result is an 8.5% ABV mashup of flavor that is unlike any "pumpkin" style beer you've ever tasted...unless you've had my mom's pumpkin pie.


Deckstar said...

O'Niell's on Juan Tabo and O'Niell's Nob Hill will be featuring Kick on draft soon! only a limited supply so keep your eyes out!

Deckstar said...

O'Niell's Juan Tabo just tapped the keg...get it while it lasts!