Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Beers to Make You a Hoppy Boy

The female imbibers should not take that headline as a sexist comment- Hoppy Boy is one of the beers brewed by Twisted Pine, the newest brewery to be distributed in Albuquerque. Hailing from Boulder, CO, Twisted Pine is only distributed in six states. Their lineup that I have seen here thus far includes the aforementioned Hoppy Boy, a 6.2% ABV IPA; Billy's Chilies (confused whether to spell it chili or chile? Use both!), brewed with habanero, Anaheim, Fresno, serrano, and jalapeno peppers; Big Shot Espresso Stout, and one of their latest releases: Bough Breaker Barleywine, 9.1% ABV and 120 IBUs. The only store I have seen these in as of Wednesday night, Sept. 21, is the Bird of Paradise liquor store on Gibson. The Hoppy Boy is retailing at $10.99 a six-pack. The Chile beer is $9.99 a four-pack, which at first seems a little pricy, though there aren't many Chile beers to price-compare to. Rio Grande Pancho Verde Chile Cerveza is around for $6.99 and up per six-pack. Rouge Chipotle Ale is, not surprisingly, the hardest on the wallet of the locally available chile beers at $5-6.99 per bomber. I'm sure you'll be seeing Twisted Pine available all around the city soon, so try them out and see what you think.

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