Friday, September 23, 2011

Il Vicino Prepares for Battle

Engage your taste buds in a little kumite on Saturday as Il Vicino unleashes Hop Kwon Do, a lupulin assault with four different IPAs on tap that are sure to get your Yang up. The standard Wet Mountain will of course be on tap, as well as the NM IPA Challenge winner Exodus. Making its loonggg awaited return will be Elsa's Hop Elixir DIPA, and a new IPA featuring the Galaxy hop will be on as well. I had a chance to just smell the Galaxy hops at Il Vicino when they came in, and am very excited to try the beer. I was ready to order a glass of just the hops with a water chaser but was advised to wait until they were used to make an actual beer. No matter which IPA you choose, you're sure to feel the power of The GLOW. I sleep in on Saturdays, so make sure you leave some IPA for me, ok? Don't make me sweep the leg.


Sloppy said...

I ended up voting for Elsa, although Rye PA at the other end of the spectrum was a very close second. Good ol' Wet Mountain was great too, but the other two both took different parts of what's good about Wet Mountain and extremified it. WM may strike the ideal balance but when I'm voting for what's "best" I tend to go to the edges.

What shocked me was how harsh Exodus was. I've drank it many times and never noticed it, but side-by-side with all those other beers, it was impossible to not notice. How can I ever drink Exodus again now that I've compared it to Elsa?

Galaxy was crap.

corrwin said...

Be careful with Il Vicino when you purchase growler fills. Got an Exodus on Sat. and didn't open it until Monday and the person who filled it didn't tighten it before they taped it and it was already flat of course. basically a wasted fill, but I'm slowly drinking it.

And I like Elsa too, but I liked Galaxy's single-hop character, especially being a fairly-new creation (90s). It did have a meh finish though.