Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Roll Up For The Magical Brewery Tour

Those of you who frequent Marble Brewery can't help but know Grateful Dave, or as he is now known since cutting off all his hair, Corporate Dave. Good news: you are free to sit on the Marble patio this Saturday without fear of Corporate Dave accosting you with offers of sharing the cheese and crackers he has been carrying around in his fannypack. Dave is organizing a bicycle brewery cruise on Saturday beginning at Tractor's tap room at 2 pm. From there, expect a leisurely cruise along the diversion trail to Hallenbrick, Nexus, La Cumbre, Il Vicino, and finally ending at Marble Brewery. There is no real incentive for doing this ride- no discounts at breweries or free t-shirts or anything like that- but then again you aren't getting charged to ride your bike in a group. And for some reason, people really like to be part of a group. So if you just weren't good enough to make it into that fraternity or sorority, or even to college in general, then you'll fit right in with Corporate Dave's Army of Miscreants. Feel free to bring snacks, though I'm sure Dave will be prepared with plenty of rations from Trader Joe's dumpster.

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GD said...

In addition, for the daring, we will be snapped in the roadies, Friday 2pm Tractor Tap, for a fast brew’s cruise tour along the Ale Trail. This includes 7 brewery's with minimal street riding. As always, be safe, helmets, water, food, etc.