Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Late for the Trolley, Early for the Train

ABQ Trolley had such a good response to the first Ale Trail trolley tour that they are doing another this Saturday, Sept. 17. I planned on writing about it sooner, like when they still had tickets available. They already sold out, so writing about it is kind of pointless now. But for the future, check out abqtrolley.com for the next scheduled Ale Trail tour. For the price you get lots of free samples and glasses and you can wave at cars passing by like you're a tourist. Whaddya mean "red or green"? What the hell is that?

Beer and cheese. The finer things in life brought together by the Santa Fe Southern Railway, which will host a beer and cheese train ride on Oct. 16. For $30 ($23 for NM residents, free for illegal immigrants...I kid) you get cheeses from local providers The Old Windmill Dairy and South Mountain Dairy along with beers from Santa Fe and Blue Corn. Enjoy the ride to the Galisteo Basin in one of the vintage cars and marvel at why anyone would want to live in Santa Fe. The chicken burrito from El Parasol is great but come on- have you seen the construction on Cerrillos Rd.? Forget that! I'll stick to the train where someone else is driving and I get good local beers and cheeses on the way. There is also a wine train on Oct. 2 for those who haven't figured out that beer is classier now that so many have corks. You can find out more about the historic trains by going to thetraininsantafe.com. I didn't see a place to buy tickets for the beer train so you should call 1-888-989-8600 for ordering info.

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