Monday, February 6, 2012

Beer Dinners Aren't Just for Dinner Anymore

And for a long time, I didn't think beer dinners were my thing, either. Showering and finding a shirt to wear that had the perfect combination of being clean/not full of holes was enough to keep me home drinking my own beer. But I decided to suck it up and attend the Left Hand beer dinner at O'Niell's in Nob Hill last week.
What happens when you put a beer geek at a table with five total strangers? Things are about to get real! But since I just looovvveee meeting people, that part wasn't a problem. Give people five courses of beer and it isn't hard to talk to people. Making sense may be tough, but talking is easy.
The Left Hand offerings of Nitro Milk Stout, Nitro Sawtooth, Polestar Pilsner, Stranger Pale Ale, and Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout were all solid, and having head brewer Ro Guenzel there to talk about the beers was a nice touch. I enjoyed the food too, but wondered whether the chef was pissed at not getting to talk a little about each dish. Maybe if you ever get to cook at a food dinner, chef.
What made me not swear off beer dinners was how well prepared the O'Niell's staff was for the event. Really, I can't remember a second when my water glass was empty or wondered when my next course was arriving- the service was spot on, and that isn't easy when you have a sold out room full of people needing to be served. I recommend attending one of these beer dinners at O'Niell's. They usually run around $45, and Big Sky will be the next brewery featured. Great Job!

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