Friday, February 10, 2012

Frugal Friday

Could be the fact that the Wyoming Blvd. Kelly Liquors shares a parking lot with a Wal Mart, or it could be just a coincidence, but they seem to have the most closeout-type sales. Today's example is the four-pack of 22 oz. Widmer Pitch Black IPA and Nelson Imperial IPA. The pack contains two of each and originally sold for $19.99. Kelly's now is offering the four-pack for $9.99. They also have individual bottles for sale for $2.99 apiece. What's the catch on this one, you ask? These beers were brewed on August 29, 2011, making the beer five months old. That's 20 weeks, for all you parents of newborns out there. I hope the beer has held up over that time, but I'm not expecting a whole lot.

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