Friday, February 3, 2012

Saboteur Gigante

Furthering the trend of taking a good everyday beer style and adding the extra Oomph! factor that today's kids are craving, Odell is proud to offer you Saboteur. This beer begins as a Brown Ale, but don't stop reading just yet- Odell puts in the twist of using Brettanomyces yeast for a funky character and then ages the beer in oak barrels. This takes the beer about as far away from Newcastle as you can get. Saboteur is packaged in 25.4 oz. bottles and is caged and corked so you can plan on getting a workout in/eye knocked out while uncorking. That isn't to say just the Odell corked beers are like that; I have trouble with corks in any beers because I am impatient when opening because I just want to get at what's inside the bottle already. You can pick up Saboteur at Jubilation for $12.99.

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