Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three Floyds in NM? Bitch Please!

Why have I been flying 1300 miles each year to Munster, IN to drink at Three Floyds Brewery when we get their beer here??
Well, kinda.
Thanks to the beauty of brewers getting together and brewing up a beer together, we now are all able to taste a bit of Three Floyds since we get beers distributed by their co-brewery for this collaboration, Scotland's Brew Dog. The product of the two breweries is Bitch Please, an 11.5% Barleywine aged for 8 months in single malt whisky barrels. Peated Islay malt was used in the beer as well. I wonder if the breweries flipped a coin as to who got to use the most local ingredients. And guess who won? The beer is at local Kelly Liquors and Jubilation right now, and expect to pay somewhere around $12 for a $12 oz. bottle. That's not euro price, either.


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