Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You May See a Lot More of Me

Not because I started eating again instead of skipping meals in favor of drinking, either. It's that I've just found out about Designated Drivers on Demand, a local service that drives you home in your car, saving you from: a)driving drunk, or b)leaving your car somewhere sketchy and having to find a ride to your car the next day, hoping that the windows aren't all smashed out. The monthly fee is $29.99 for an individual membership or $39.99 a month for couples who reside together. Couples? Sounds gay friendly- unlike the south. The price goes down $10 if you sign up for an entire year. There is an initial sign-up fee of $50 (sounds like joining a gym or something- you think Planet Fitness is really just $10 a month??) On those rare occasions I do leave the house to drink, I have to find a ride, and mom is often too busy/won't return my calls. Then a cab ride home costs me $25, so this Designated Drivers on Demand pays for itself in two nights out drinking. And God knows I can do a lot more than two nights out drinking a month. A hefty tip seems customary, but we all know someone who is paying The Man much more than a hefty tip after getting caught driving drunk. You can find out more here: www.designateddriversondemand.com

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