Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hoptimum's Back and Smaller Than Ever; Odell's Kitchen Sink Experiment

It is possible that you can find three different Sierra Nevada IPAs in some stores right now, but you will only find one version of DIPA: Hoptimum. Making it's return after a year, Hoptimum has gone from the 22 oz. bottle size to four-packs of 12 oz. bottles. The beer uses Simcoe, Chinook, Citra, Magnum, and "proprietary" hops to create this 10.4% ABV, 100 IBU DIPA. I really enjoyed the beer last year, but I remember it falling off in freshness quicker than I would have expected, so try it while it's brand new. Jubilation has the four-packs for $9.99. EDIT:Drinking one of these now...whew! Bittering hops are more prominent than anything else to me, so if you like the mouth scraping feel in your IPAs, you will like Hoptimum. It might be a little much for me.

Dogfish Head may have made a beer with ingredients unique to each continent, but Odell is keeping things a little more local. And more local means more ingredients. Take that, Pangaea. Odell Foot Print combines ingredients from each of the 10 states that Odell distributes to. Any guess as to which New Mexican ingredient was used? If you guessed pecans, well, that would have been a good guess...but incorrect. Of course it was green chile. Our state staple went in the mix along with Nebraska corn, Colorado and Idaho-grown hops and barley (guess potatoes are only for vodka), wheat from Kansas and Wyoming (I definitely think wheat when I think of Kansas, but Wyoming? They should have taken some water from Old Faithful), honey from South Dakota (bikers), Minnesota wild rice (Norwegians and a nice airport in Minneapolis), and Missouri oak barrels (world's largest rocking chair and vacuum cleaner museum). It's probably better that they invited employees and distribution type people to take part in the brewing of the beer rather than inviting me. You can buy the finished result at Jubilation, where the 9.5% ABV, 25.4 oz. beer is selling for $12.99.

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gaberox said...

Just got a four pack of Hoptimum. Its awesome. Super citrus with plenty of malty sweetness. Not as dry as I expected.