Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Beer as Unique as its Name

Like those English ales? I have to say, after shunning them in favor of the all-powerful IPAs the past many years, I have come back to appreciate the balance and amount of flavor that can be packed into a 4% beer. However, this new-in-town John Smith's Extra Smooth Ale is done an injustice with the damn widget in the can, a device that nitros all the flavor out of a beer. I know the are many that enjoy the mouthfeel that nitro brings, but I can't enjoy it. I tried a North Coast Old Rasputin on nitro once, and even with the beer's 9% ABV the nitro killed all the goodness in the beer. Great job on the Olympics though, London.

I guess people weren't head over heels in love with New Belgium's summer seasonal, Somersault, or maybe Bird of Paradise just went overboard when buying it. Either way, we win with the sale that this Gibson store is having: $14 gets you an entire case of a beer that was selling for $7-8 a six-pack eariler in the season. Of course, keep in mind that these beers have a best before date of 8/25, but it's only 8/23 as I write this...

And finally, with the increasing availability of craft beer in cans, I didn't want you all to forget that there is still plenty of crap out there too! This malt beverage would love to tag along in your golf bag for the remainder of the summer, and while I admit I'm kind of curious enough to try it, I can't imagine Arnie ever endorsing this.

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