Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of Summer but Time for Camp

The 2012 version of Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp series has hit area stores. Beer Camp invites industry types (read: usually good Sierra customers like distributors, bar owners, beer store owners, but also 10 winners who entered videos to Sierra Nevada saying why they should be chosen) to come and brew some experimental beers that may end up being chosen to represent in the Beer Camp bottle line. The beer comes in a 12-pack of 4 different styles, three beers of each style. This year's choices seem to be right up my alley:

Imperial Red: 8.1% ABV, this beer is described as a DIPA with a large amount of malt, though malt comes through more than the hops.

Imperial Pilsner: at 5.6% ABV, I'm not sure that the term "Imperial" fits with this one. 5.6 may work for an Imperial Mild Ale, but it seems light in the Pils category. Haven't tried it yet, though looking forward to it. Sierra does a good job with its Summerfest, a Czech Pilsner.

Oatmeal Stout: If any of the beers deserved to be called "Imperial", this 9.0% Stout certainly is worthy of the title. Oats come through in the mouthfeel and there is also some chocolate and light coffee.

Floral IPA- They got the name right on this 5.9% ABV IPA, with ingredients such as rose hips and rose petals. Rose petals? I tried setting the mood by pouring a path into the bedroom, but it didn't work out so well...

Jubilation has this for $17, and Whole Foods at Academy and Wyoming have it for $21.

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