Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Day That Will Leave You Feeling Bitter

Bitter, and loving it! 8/2 is of course National IPA Day, which means you have to pick up some IPA to celebrate, be it from a local brewery, liquor store, supermarket, whatever...if you have any money left after buying all the Chick-Fil-A you could eat on 8/1, that is. So, what will it be? Local favorites Il Vicino Exodus, Marble IPA, La Cumbre Elevated, Happy Camper, Nexus, something from Texas? No...Shiner doesn't count. Green Flash West Coast IPA? Does it count if you go to Billy's Long Bar and drink Double IPAs like Odell Myrcenary and Sierra Nevada Hoptimum? I think that would qualify as twice the amount of drinking credits...but it's your choice. If you're thinking DIPAs, may I suggest a growler of Chama River's just tapped The Big Lebrewski? Just make sure to save some for me, as I can't get over there until Saturday.

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