Monday, August 13, 2012

Opa! Stone 16th Anniversary is Here

Not to be confused with the Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary, or the Stone Enjoy by 9.21.12 IPA, the 16th Anniversary has something that neither of the other numbered beers have: a lemon twist. The Anniversary series lets the brewers at Stone use their creativity with ingredients, and this year's version boasts lemon verbana and lemon oil. Were they brewing a beer or making avegolemono soup here? They added some rye malt, five hop varieties, and a dollop of tzatzaki sauce (no, of course not). The final result is a 10% ABV, 85 IBU DIPA worthy of being sold at Alex's Lemonade Stand or Olympia Cafe. Jubilation is selling it right now for $7.99.

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