Friday, September 23, 2022

GABF Breweries of Interest, H Through M

Continuing on with my choices of breweries to visit at the 2022 Great American Beer Festival, I submit to you a number of interesting choices to try in the H through M-named breweries.

Handmap Brewing How does a Jim Beam Barrel-Aged Rauchbier sound? Different, for sure. Gotta try BA Daryl's House.

JAFB Wooster Brewery This Ohio brewery took silver in the American Style IPA category at GABF 2021 for their JAF IPA. They'll also be pouring a Mosaic single hop IPA.

Kane Brewing It's a no-brainer that I'll be visiting Kane's booth early and often just for their A Night to End All Dawns BA Imperial Stout. But they're also bringing Dripping Maple, a French toast inspired bourbon and cognac-aged Imperial Stout with vanilla beans, cinnamon, and maple. Wouldn't hurt to try Bierhalle, their Marzen, while I'm there.

Kilowatt Brewing Speaking of maple, Kilowatt will be pouring their GABF gold Maple Smoked Maibock. Very curious to see how all those flavors work together.

La Cumbre I drank their Dortmunder until it was all gone...or so I thought. They saved some for GABF.

King's Court Brewing Company Missing that local Imperial Red that was so good? Come to this booth for Frogs Like Possum, the 2019 GABF silver medal winning Imperial Red Ale.

Launch Pad Brewery Not in the smoothie realm, but Strawberry Moon Blonde Ale with strawberries, lactose, and vanilla is worth a taste. I hope.

Live Oak Brewing A classic brewery doing classic styles that will have people lining up for their Pilz, HefeWeizen, and Oaktoberfest. Pretend you're drinking it on a sunny summer afternoon in Austin for the perfect sip.

Living Waters This Nashville brewery is bringing two sought after BA Imperial Stouts, which of course I'll force myself to sample, but it's the Triberg German-style Pilsner that I'm really interested in.

Maplewood I love those Chicago breweries. Maplewood is pouring two DIPAs I can't wait for, as well as Fizzle Drizzle Cherry Limeade, a fruited sour with sweet and sour cherries and lime. It's Sonic for adults.

Marble Brewery-MavLab Attack of the Keller Bs is another local lager that I couldn't get enough of. You non-NM residents reading (anyone, besides Russian bots?) should try this one. And High Plains Pilsner from Canteen. And Ex Novo. And all the other NM Breweries.

Metazoa Brewing Rosie the River Otter won gold in the Herb and Spice category at GABF last year for a Blonde Ale with hibiscus and plums added.

Modern Times Too many people pissing on Modern Times for their poor planning and not enough people lamenting the fact that we could be losing some of the best barrel-aged stouts if Maui messes with the MT formula too much. For now, we'll at least be able to drink the Monsters' Park BA Espresso Macaroon Edition Imperial Stout.

Monday Night Brewing Staying on the heavier stuff, I'm also ready for some Tie Xi, the 11th anniversary Strong Ale from this Atlanta, GA brewery that blends Stout, Quad, Brown, Barleywine and Dopplebock.

Moontown This little Indiana walked away with two bronze and one silver at GABF 2021, along with Brewery of the Year in the 501-1000 Barrels category. Two medal winners will be at their booth: Fortieth Parallel Pilsner (bronze in Bohemian Pilsner category) and Moonlite (silver in American Cream Ale category). I'd also like to try Cecil, their hazy IPA.

Mountain Cowboy Brewing I'm a sucker for any Caddyshack-themed beer, so I'll be stopping here for That's a Peach, Hon, the peaches and cream sour ale with peach puree, vanilla, and lactose. Mrs. Haverkamp would approve. Think those two are still alive?

MORE Brewing Did I mention I love Chicago breweries? Perhaps none more than this one, whose DDH Space Boots was my IPA of the fest in 2019. Sadly, they're only bringing Morever for their hoppy offering, but I'll be happy drinking Barrel-Aged Henna: Birthday, the 15% Imperial Stout with pecans, vanilla, coconut, and cacao nibs. I won't turn down a chaser of Watermelon Chula, a spiced Gose with added watermelon. Friday morning could be a rough one.

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