Wednesday, September 28, 2022

GABF Breweries of Interest, N-P

Almost 3/4 of the way through the breweries once this post is done. Probably a good time to stop for some water that's supposed to stave off that hangover yet never does. Also would be smart to get some food in you, but you don't have time to sit around and eat convention center pizza when you could smash a Clif Bar and be on to the N-P breweries in this list. Or be like the smart person pictured here and hang a sandwich around your neck big enough that it might last you through two GABF sessions.

Nashville Brewing Company This brewery won a bronze medal at the 2018 GABF for NashZwickel. Zwickel is my favorite lager style, in case you're already thinking Christmas gifts. They also took silver in the 2020 in the Munich-Style Helles category for Nashville Lager. My only complaint is that they're not bringing Zwickel My Pickle, their pickle Zwickel.

Nebraska Brewing Melange a Trois is a four-time medalist at GABF. Belgian Strong Goldens are not my favorite but this chardonnay barrel-aged beer is always worth a try. They're also pouring a BA Imperial Brown Ale, in case you're ticking that rare style.

New Terrain 2019 silver for Mirage American-Style Sour, for all you sour fans out there. I can only do so many straight up sours before I start throwing up bubbles, and nobody wants that on their pretzel necklaces.

NOBO Brewing Company I know I said I was going to go after all the smoothie beers this year, but I keep gravitating towards the BA Stouts. The BA 2nd Breakfast, aged for 14 months in Jim Beam barrels with cinnamon, maple, and brown sugar, sounds pretty darn good. May as well try the Jalapeno Honey Blonde while I'm there.

Old Irving Super excited for this booth: for one, they won a silver in 2021 in the Kolsch category at GABF for Della. Wait, they're not bringing that? Ok, well they're bringing Beezer, the 2019 GABF gold winner in the Hazy IPA category. Now, I realize I'm listing a lot of medal winners in my recommendations, and sometimes we try these winners and wonder what the hell the judges saw in the beer in the first place. Fair enough. But you've gotta be excited about Double Beezer, the 8.5% version of Beezer. And it hasn't won a damn thing, so it must be good. And then we have Barrel Aged Gammelhjarted, which is a blend of a Barlwywine that was aged in maple and port barrels with an Imperial Milk Stout that was aged in rum barrels. Ridiculous!

Our Mutual Friend You can stop by the booth and try Inner Light, the Pale Ale that has picked up multiple medals at GABF. Or you can just go to their taproom and have a whole pint of it. But all the beers are free here, if you don't count that $100 you paid for your ticket.

Peculiar Ales Time to take a dessert beer break with Peach Pie A La Mode, a Smoothie Sour with white peaches, cinnamon, vanilla, graham cracker, and candied ginger. How all that is going to fit into a one oz. sample is beyone me. Save room for 305 Pineberry, a Fruited Sour with strawberry and pineapple.

Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey Yup, they're still in business. I don't know that their beers carry the same weight that they did years ago, but I'm showing up for that Duck Duck Gooze 2022 Anniversary Blend. Amazing how little of a line there was last GABF for their world-class beers.

Pollyanna Brewing Boo to a brewery that won two GABF medals in 2021 but isn't bringing either to pour at the fest. Yay for them bringing Fruhauf, a 2016 Marzen medal winner, and Lite Thinking, 2019 medalist in American-Style Lager category.

Port City Brewing They've won medals four years straight at GABF. Not blow your mind styles, just beer done well. Worth a visit.

Prison City Brewing This highly regarded brewery isn't bringing as much as I would like, but they are bringing Mass Riot hazy IPA.

Prost Brewing Because their Pilsner is in my top 3 draft Pilsners in the U.S.

Pure Project I love any of the murky IPAs that Pure Project produces. I also love that they're bringing Cup of Gold, their collaboration DIPA with Alvarado St. Brewery, another brewery I love. Don't skip Corylus, the 13% Imperial Stout aged in Breckenridge Bourbon barrels with hazelnuts, cacao, and coffee.

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