Tuesday, September 20, 2022

GABF Breweries of Interest, A Through G

As the 2022 GABF looms closer, I thought it was time to start making plans on which breweries to visit first. Of course, I always go in with a plan and then everything becomes a mad frenzy of samples, interviews, more samples, bathroom breaks, samples, interviews, and so on. Well see how I do this year. Here is a sample of some booths I intend to stop by, A-G.

903 Brewers Yeah, I'll admit it. 2022 is the year I start searching out all the smoothie sours I can find. Go ahead and judge me while you drink your sweet corn adjunct Pre-Prohibition lagers. These "beers" are fun, but we'll see how fun after 30 or so examples. I'll start with the pineapple, lactose, vanilla, and marshmallow Pineapple Magic from 903 Brewers.

All Season A Los Angeles brewery I've yet to try, but will be seeking out the Pilsner, Dark Lager, and Dunkel they're pouring.

Avery Gotta go for the 2018 Rumpkin, if only to honor when Falling Rock would pour the BA Avery beers on Saturday after the GABF Members Session. Ah, the hangovers!

Barebottle My standout brewery a few years ago. They'll be bringing their 2021 GABF Gold Cryo Chemistry hazy DIPA.

Boston Beer Co. I'm not waiting in line, but will this be the year I walk by as they're pouring Utopias? Chances are I'll miss it, but I always try.

Bottle Logic They always go big for GABF. Pistachio ice cream BA Stout? Check. Coffee caramel rye BA Stout? Check. Fundamental Observation? Check!

Brieux Carre Can't wait to cleanse my palate with the lagers from Brieux Carre, especially You Spund Me Right Round Czech Pilsner.

Chuckanut Any lager is worth trying from this perrenial GABF medal winning brewery. I intend to try mutiples of them all.

Corporate Ladder I'm excited for Tiki Sour: Zombie and Purchase Order: 002, the follow-up to 001, which was a Stout aged in both bourbon and brandy barrels.

DankHouse Heard good things about the IPAs from this small Ohio brewery. DDH Couch Kush'n is on my list.

Deicpher Looking forward to trying the Woodford Reserve Barrel Aged Artemis Wheatwine. The non BA version won a medal at the 2022 World Beer Cup.

Deadwords Want to check out the Florida lager game and heard the Westphalia Dortmunder from this brewery is very good.

Forbidden Root I've liked all the hazies I've had from this brewery in the past, and they have three slated be be at the fest.

Fremont Their Brew 4000 made my best of GABF back when there was a GABF. This year, they're bringing Brew 6000. Oh, and Rusty Nail.

Fritz Family Brewers Will tastes at the booth here keep me from driving the 30 miles from my hotel to this brewery? Depends on how many samples I'm able to snag of the lagers that are reputed to be as good as Bierstadt's.

Gnarley Barley I've had Jucifer and liked it. But it's the Diamond in the Fluff DIPA I'm going for here.

Gravely BrewingThis Kentucky brewery won gold in the German-Style Pilsner category in 2020 for Sprockets. Can't miss this one.

Great Notion Blueberry Muffin Fruit in the Can? Over Ripe? Yep to both. They're bound to have a long line, but can't pass on these.

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