Friday, September 9, 2022

Hazy Kings Keep Em Coming

The boys over at Gravity Bound aren't satisfied with being the champions of the NM IPA Challenge. Or maybe they are. It's a pretty big deal, being the first brewery to win in the storied history of the event, after all. But being the champs hasn't stopped them from cranking out quality hazies, though perhaps fans of the brewery wish they'd turn the crank a little faster. Jacinda, Gravity Bound's latest IPA, features a 100% lineup from a country I would love to visit, but have neither the money nor the patience of a 20 hour plane ride for: New Zealand. Pacific Sunrise, Nelson, Riwaka, and Motueka grace the hop bill for this 7% beer that, in typical Gravity Bound fashion, drinks with the mouthfeel of a DIPA. Not sure how they hit that mallowy smoothness in their hazies, and I don't wanna. Let the magicians have their secrets.

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