Friday, September 9, 2022

NM Brew Fest: Reasons to Go

The NM Brew Fest returns to Albuquerque after a two year hiatus, bringing back the beer, music, and food that made it such a memorable event. Remember?
On the fence about going? Why? Gotta make a Costco run instead? Those aren't the memories you'll be cherishing as the years go on. Drink wisely, and you may even be able to remember the fest. Here's a few reasons to attend the NM Brew Fest: 1. The location. Villa Hispana at Expo New Mexico is a perfect location for an outdoor beer festival, with plenty of man-made shade as well as some big ol' trees you can relax under. The hard part is getting back up. 2. The beers, of course. With 20+ companies pouring, there's going to be festival stalwarts like Marble and Tractor and Palmer, but also newbies like Old Town by way of Ruidoso's Downshift, as well as your chance to try Jun, the alcoholic tea and honey-based drink from Leaf and Hive Brew Lab. 3. The time. With the festival going from 1-6, you have five hours to taste, nap under the trees, and taste again. It's like two fests in one day. And that's for the $30 general admission ticket. Go VIP for $45 and get in at 12. 4. The other stuff. If you need music, food, and games to get you to go enjoy great beer, then this checks all the boxes, big time, with musical performances from The Big Spank and Red Light Cameras. Tickets are available here

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