Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Bock By Any Other Name...

Costs two dollars less. Here we have Gordon Biersch's cold weather release, Winter Bock. It retails in stores for $7.99, which isn't a bad deal nowadays for a 7.5% ABV Double Bock style beer. But did you know that the same beer is sold for $5.99 under Trader Joe's private label? Gordon Biersch brews the beer for Trader Joe's under the name Winterfest. It is a decent beer, as long as it doesn't warm up too much. Unlike Imperial Stouts, which get better as they warm up, the Double Bocks tend to be almost cloyingly sweet. Too many sweet beers that are 7.5% promises to have the same unhappy ending as chugging a bottle of White Zinfandel. I still have two cases of the 2007 Winterfest sitting around in case I ever get snowed in, and some White Zin for my bros!

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