Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Belgium Finally Gets It Right

This is not going to be a column bashing New Belgium. Sure, I'm not the biggest fan of their beers, especially Fat Tire, but how can you bash a company that has become such a success, and oh so socially conscious at the same time? Maybe it is the people I see in the stores talking about the company as Fat Tire. As in, "Look honey, they carry beers from Fat Tire here!". It pisses me off because: 1) They think the company is called "Fat Tire", 2) They act like it is something out of the ordinary to see New Belgium beers on a shelf. Big freakin' deal- even 7-11 carries their beer. I once saw a bum at the I-25 and Lead/Coal exit with a sign that said, "Will blow you for a Fat Tire", so you know that shit's mainstream. I also have a problem with the "Fat Tire" bicycle. I don't like those super heavy, junky looking old-style bikes, and people who ride them look like dumbasses. They could possibly be at top of the list of idiotic looking bike riders, surpassing people on tandem bikes and people dressed for the Tour De France. Ever see a whole family on a bicycle for four, complete with the little yellow trailer with the youngest kid attached to the back? Ever wanted to unlatch the trailer as they ride by? Later, Aidan! And what's with the full cycling regalia (sponsor jersey, padded spandex, aerodynamic helmet, etc.) these people wear? You are riding past a strip mall on Eubank Blvd., not through a mountain pass in the Pyreness. When I go out to play basketball, I don't wear the Sixers tanktop and 80's short-shorts and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar goggles for a pickup game. So...what was I writing about here? Oh yeah, Ranger IPA from New Belgium. It is here, it is good. New Belgium experimented with many recipes for an IPA before deciding on this one, and I think they got it right.

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