Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Know What They Say About Guys with Bigfoot...

...we all have bigger hangovers. Well, that is, if we choose to forgo moderation, which I would never do, and never suggest that you do, either. Except maybe tonight. It's ok- you deserve it. And I deserve it too. So what do you say we start our new life of excess and indulgence together with Sierra Nevada's 2010 Bigfoot Barleywine? After all, the 10% ABV is perfect for getting us to that state of mind where we just don't care about right and wrong. We can drunk dial people, or as I did one time when I was drunk, email Dietz and Watson and tell them how great their lunchmeat is (I swear I did this, though I have no idea what would possess me to praise the virtues of olive loaf). Hmmm...maybe I better just stick to one six-pack of this tonight. You can feel free to drink more. Maybe you'll get drunk enough that you won't remember what you said or did, and everyone you pissed off will be way too mad to even talk to you to tell you what you did. Whatever you do, try one of these Bigfoots when it is new. Bigfoot is probably the most popular Barleywine to drink fresh, as it has a great hop character. That's not to say that it won't age well; like me, it ages gracefully and becomes better looking after each sip. $11.99 per six-pack. I have only seen it at Kelly Liquors at Mountain Run so far (Kelly's on Wyoming gets it Friday), but everyone should have it soon. See you in jail!

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