Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Six Samurai

With all due respect to Kurosawa, there really was no need for seven samurai. These six from Great Divide will do just fine. Samurai ale, so named because of the addition of rice to the brew, or so I guess. Is that wrong to assume? It's ok to say that Japanese people eat rice, right? These PC times make me leery of saying anything. I'm Irish. I love alcohol. That stereotype holds quite true for me, thank you. Rice is also a main ingredient in Budweiser- where's the nod (or the bow) to the Japanese? Anyway, Samurai is a 5.1% ABV, unfiltered beer that is priced like it was imported from Japan- $10.99! I don't even like sushi (which I hear Japanese people are fond of), and I'm not paying eleven bucks for a six-pack of 5.1% rice beer. I'll stick to other Great Divide beers like Yeti or Hercules, and I'll get my rice beer from Budweiser. Sayonara.

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