Sunday, January 10, 2010

Humble Pie Tastes Disgusting

Well, my boasting about the Eagles has bitten me in the ass, just like it does every year. Losing to the Dallas Cowboys makes the disappointment and bitterness even more powerful, and I need a distraction. Something to take me away from the sheer misery of another playoff meltdown. Something to keep me from burning every Eagles jersey I own, and from keying every car with a Cowboys star or bumper sticker on it. So I find myself staring at the label on Sierra Nevada's newest beer, Glissade Golden Bock. The label depicts what I take to be a Springtime setting, with flowers blooming in the foreground and still snowy mountains off in the distance. A lone mountain goat (bock loosely translates to goat in German) stands at the edge of a high hill. Philadelphia Eagles fans line up to jump off of the, stop it! I better drink this beer instead of staring at it. Glissade is in the Maibock style, lighter in color and hoppier than the regular bocks. 6.4% ABV, $7.49 retail. Come on beer, do your job and take away the pain!!!


Bill Aimonetti said...

I suspect that it will take more than 22oz of 6.4%abv beer to kill the pain of loosing to the Cowboys! Sorry, I hate the Cowboys too. So is the SN bock worth the price?

barleywhiner said...

Hmm, I thought bock translated as "strong". The goat I think is just representative of strength.

ABQbeergeek said...

Bill- I tried the Glissade just now, and yeah, I think it tastes pretty darn good. It may be a little too hoppy for the style, but hoppy is never a problem for me. Hey, thanks so much for the beers! Can't wait to try the homebrew!

Barleywhiner- I've seen a bunch of translations for bock, and most refer to animals in some way. Billygoat, plain old goat, cow...I took German in high school, but we never learned that word. Nothing beer related or useful!