Monday, March 15, 2010

Malt Madness at Il Vicino This Month, and Every Night at my House

Damn it, I meant to write about Il Vicino's Malt Madness last week. I have been a busy boy, though. Certainly not busy updating my Facebook page, as any of you who have seen it can attest to. To the person who befriended me today and suggested I make it a fan page: 1. What is a fan page? 2. What is Facebook?

So Il Vicino's Malt Madness is a tournament of their beers, where everyday two are matched up head to head, with the one receiving the most votes moving on. For instance, Sunday's matchup had the Dark and Lusty Stout besting the Sweet Sanderine Porter, 28 to 21. You can check out the brackets if you click on the picture here in the story. Pencil in Octoberfest, Oatmeal Stout, and Rye Pale Ale in the winners' bracket. Wet Wountain and Citra Pale Ale tied; don't know how they will deal with that. Can last year's winner, Rye Pale Ale, take top honors again? My bet is on Elsa's Hop Elixir. Why waste money on a college basketball pool when you can spend that money on beer at Il Vicino?

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