Sunday, March 28, 2010

Return of Spuds McKenzie

Have no fear; Spuds is still dead. And the title has no relation to the taste of beers from the latest brewery, Laughing Dog, to bring its beers to Albuquerque. Laughing Dog is based in Ponderay, Idaho. Idaho...Spuds. Spuds...Dog. Dog...Laughing Dog Brewery, Idaho. See? And we are getting two of Laughing Dog's biggest beers: Alpha Dog Imperial IPA and The Dogfather Imperial Stout. I had Alpha Dog on New Year's Eve, as my friend Marcus picked some up from somewhere. The bitterness comes through more than anything, and the malt is barely discernable, especially considering it is a DIPA. I remember liking it, and little else that night. 8.7% ABV, $6.99 at Kelly Liquors on Wyoming. The Dogfather is one I have yet to try, but have some holding a place in the fridge for the next Stout Challenge. 11% ABV, $8.99, also at Kelly Liquors.

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