Monday, March 22, 2010

Mojo Risin' is Shrinking

Mojo Risin', the Double IPA from Boulder Brewing, is now available in four-packs of 12 oz. bottles. This beer is the sibling of Mojo IPA, but with twice the hop addition (Centennial and a heavy dose of Amarillo) and an ABV of 10%. It was previously only available in 22 oz. bottles, and I think Jubliation is the only local store that carries the big bottles, where they are $6.99. The new four-pack, which I found at the Mountain Run Kelly Liquors, had a price tag of $9.99. I say had because when I got to the register, the beer rang up at $10.99. I called them on it and the husband and wife team got into a good ol' Korean yelling match, which ended with her grabbing a price gun and making a beeline for the Mojo Risin' display. I also wanted to tell you that they have the Blue Moon Grand Cru on sale at $7.99, down from $11.99, but who knows what the register will say?

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