Thursday, March 18, 2010

Winter's Last Hurrah?

I hope we've seen the last of the winter weather this year, with the constant gray skies, the snow flurries, the wind, and the cold. It's hard enough to drink all this beer and wake up in the morning, but when the first thing you see upon waking is a foreboding sky, it is near impossible. Kelly Liquors on Wyoming may be our own version of Punxatawney Phil: they are predicting the end of winter, as they are selling winter beers at a drastically reduced price. If you act fast, you can get a whole case of the Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack for $12.99! The case includes four each of Boston Lager (my gateway beer to craft beer, way back when), Winter Lager (a lightish Bock beer), Coastal Wheat (this belongs in a summer variety pack, not winter), Cranberry Lambic (never tried; heard bad things; pawn it off to a sweet alcohol loving non-beer drinker), Holiday Porter (heard great things but this is one you'll never get outside of the winter variety pack), and Old Fezziwig Ale (winter warmer with cinnamon and nutmeg, another popular one that is exclusive to the variety pack). I took the time to do the calculations for you (you're welcome), and it breaks down to only $3.25 a six-pack. Drink some of these outside in the nice weather and give winter the finger.

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