Friday, March 26, 2010

Sierra's 30th Release Party

Bringing you information on events after they already happened is probably not the smartest idea. So if you missed out on the Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary beer tapping/food pairing at Nob Hill Bar and Grill because you didn't know about it, I'm sorry. Would it make you feel better to know that the food actually outshined the beers? You know I usually avoid mixing beer with food, buth with a menu like this, how could I resist?
melon, fig, prosciutto, manchego skewer, paired with Sierra Pale Ale
fennel pepper ahi with mango coulis, paired with Sierra Kellerweis
bison sausage on herbed flatbread w/ caramelized onions and porter-infused mustard, paired with Sierra Porter
pork shoulder w/ mole, queso fresco, and toasted quinoa, paired with Sierra Glissade
stout-infused ice cream over brownies, paired with the 30th Anniversary beer.

Aside from the 30th, all the beers are easily accessible. They are also solid beers, though it would have been nice to try Sierra's Torpedo IPA or Hopstar or something more obscure than the Porter or Glissade. The 30th Anniversary, as fellow attendee Ryan pointed out, tasted more like an Imperial Porter than a stout. Very roasty, and a little thin tasting. It hides its 9.2% ABV very well. Just what I needed after drinking full glasses of the other beers- no skimpy 5 oz. tasters last night! Good thing there was all that great food to keep me relatively coherent. The food was so good, I even ate the tuna. And I hate seafood! Thanks to Jeff Taylor of Marble fame for the hookup, and Jeff Seymour and his crew at Nob Hill Bar and Grill for putting on a wonderful event. Next time, I'll let you know about things like this in advance.


Lisa Murph said...

Sounds like an awesome night - haven't had a torpedo in a while - we're working on a case of Glissade as we speak - its growing on me...Are you coming East anytime soon?

ABQbeergeek said...

Hey Lisa! No plans to come that far east, just Indiana in April for a beer thing. Maybe in summer sometime. I'd like to see Halliday pitch live.
Glad Glissade is growing on you; it's one that gets harder for me to drink. I need hoppy. Tell Chris and the family hi!

HopHed said...

Thanks for the nod :)