Monday, April 12, 2010

It Isn't THAT Nice Yet!

While the weather
has improved dramatically (almost enough for me to actually leave my cave and sit outside at Marble), and the Phillies are back in championship form, it still doesn't mean I'm ready to start drinking summer beers. I haven't even done the final Imperial Stout Challenge of the year like I've been meaning to. But the breweries don't seem to be living by the same schedule as me- take Sierra Nevada, who have already released Summerfest. One of the few lagers Sierra releases, this one is a 5% ABV pilsner style hopped with Saaz. $7.49-7.99 pretty much anywhere you go. Should be a good summer drinker when summer actually comes around. In two months.

We barely saw a hint of Rising Moon, the spring offering from Blue Moon, before Honey Moon took its place. A 5.6% ABV wheat ale, released for "summer", that is higher in alcohol than its other seasonals (save for Harvest Moon, .1% higher). That seems a little backwards, but higher alcohol never scared me away from a beer. Higher-alcohol beers attract me like a, oh, I don't a bee to honey, perhaps? True to its name, Honey Moon is brewed with actual honey from Lyons, CO. So I might try this one. The whole Blue Moon line really isn't bad, and a Honey Moon sounds pretty good right now, even in 65 degree weather.

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