Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rest of the World Sucks

Especially India. And my blanket statement is proven by the fact that Albuquerque brewers took home two medals in the recent World Beer Cup, which is the largest beer judging event, with entries from around the globe. Chama River Brewery's Justin Hamilton earned a Silver medal for Three Dog Night Baltic Porter. I stopped by there to get a picture of him with his award, but apparently it gets mailed. He did receive a coupon for half-off a Slurpee, so that's why he looks so happy.

Brady McKeown is all smiles as well, this picture taken just before he beat the crap out of me with a rubber hose. I still don't know why. He must be proud of the fact that Il Vicino took home a Bronze medal for the St. Bob's Imperial Stout (vintage 2006). You should be proud too. The fact that two of our locals were judged to have brewed some of the best beers in the world has me sticking my chest out, making me look even tougher than usual.

One more thing: remember Blue Moon's great idea to make a "Grand Cru" version of its popular beer and sell it 25 oz. bottles for $11.99? What's that? It didn't sell and dropped to $7.99? Not good enough? How about $2.99? Ok. I'll take one. it looks like all the liquor stores are offering it at this price now.


Jason said...

The Blue Moon deal is at Quarters on Wyoming for $2.99 too...picked me up two bottles today. For $3 bucks, I'll pick up - not so much for $11...

ABQbeergeek said...

Just saw it at Kelly's for that price too, thanks Jason.